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  • The information on the U-LPQ (Universal Lateral Partner Questionnaire) is for general informational and educational purposes only. NALSC does not warrant, endorse, or assume liability for how this information is used or presented.
  • NALSC makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information and examples included herein. The U-LPQ merely attempts to set out samples of questions/items that may be found on a typical law firm LPQ.
  • The U-LPQ does not purport to request any information relating to attorney compensation in violation of laws and regulations of various jurisdictions.
  • No information submitted in response to the U-LPQ is hosted or stored on any NALSC computer or server at any time.

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“For the past several years we’ve successfully partnered on searches with other NALSC member firms. In addition to adding to our business, we’ve made some great friends.”
“NALSC has provided me an invaluable resource for networking, education and professional camaraderie.”
“If I could attend only one conference each year, it would be this conference. I would not be the recruiter or business owner I am today without the lessons learned and friends made through NALSC.”
“Members of NALSC enjoy the luxury of having search firms across the country that we consider our partners. As we are all bound by and abide by the NALSC Code of Ethics, we know that trust and the capabilities of these partners are never in question.“