Registration is now Waitlist Only! You may register, however, NALSC HQ will let you know if and when a spot becomes available. Contact for more details.

Registration for NALSC 2024 Fall Symposium

Friday, October 20th 8am-7pm

The NY Offices of Latham & Watkins

2024 Fall Symposium: Firm Non-Member
Attendance Selection
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$79/each additional guest.

If that changes please feel free to let us know at

Please read and confirm:
If you have more than 3 attendees, you may complete additional forms or email Stephanie Ankus at with extra names and contact info.

Payment Type:
Please mail check to NALSC, 12555 Orange Dr., Suite 4207, Davie, FL 33330.

Once NALSC receives and processes your registration, you will receive an official confirmation.

Business attire is requested.

Attendees must endeavor to [1] preserve the public’s respect & confidence in NALSC® and its members; [2] promote personal integrity, honesty, & responsibility in all conduct & dealings as an attendee; [3] provide an environment of mutual respect among all recruiting professionals; & [4] refrain from behavior or conduct that would be deemed disruptive, harassing or offensive to any attendee during any official NALSC function, meeting or seminar.

Waiver & Disclaimer: NALSC® assumes no liability for loss or damage to property, financial or bodily injury, death, or any other negative consequence that may result, directly or indirectly, from anyone’s attendance at, or participation in, the NALSC 2024 Fall Symposium. In return for the right to attend the NALSC 2024 Fall Symposium, registrants and attendees waive all claims they may ever have against NALSC, and its officers, directors, employees and agents, asserting any liability relating to the NALSC 2024 Fall Symposium.