NALSC membership offers legal search professionals many opportunities and benefits

  • Benefiting from promotional efforts directed to managing partners of major law firms and corporate general counsels to familiarize them with the NALSC Code of Ethics®
  • Taking part in regional and national educational seminars and programs, including the Annual Conference and Fall Symposium
  • Opportunity to network within the industry throughout the United States and abroad
  • Detailed listing in an up-to- date online directory, allowing potential clients and candidates to quickly locate and contact the member
  • Detailed listing in an annually printed membership directory, giving all members access to peers in other regions
  • Receiving the NALSC® newsletter to keep members in touch with activities and issues of interest to the profession
  • Discounts on NALSC® event fees
  • Adhering to the NALSC Code of Ethics® that defines key standards of recruiting which NALSC members voluntarily agree to abide by as a condition of their membership

NALSC membership pricing levels

Regular Member (Search Firm)
Number of search firm consultants in your entire organization:
1-3 $595/yr
4-10 $795/yr
11+ $1195/yr

Regular Member (Search Firm’s Legal Division)
Number of search firm consultants in your legal division:
1-3 $595/yr
4-10 $795/yr
11+ $1195/yr

Affiliate Member (Search Firms in Business Less Than One Year)
Number of search firm consultants in your entire organization:
1-3 $395 Year One
4-10 $595 Year One
11+ $995 Year One

Affiliate Member (Search Firm’s Legal Division in Business Less Than One Year)
Number of search firm consultants in your legal division:
1-3 $395 Year One
4-10 $595 Year One
11+ $995 Year One

Supporting Member (Law firms)
$500 per year

Associate Member (Suppliers of goods or services to the legal recruitment industry) in conjunction with NALSC sponsorship
$1000 per year

Become a Member of NALSC

Membership Application

What do you get for your dues?

  • Affiliation and Credibility- NALSC® is the only professional organization of its kind committed to upholding a published set of standards for the legal recruiting industry.
  • Members can put the NALSC® logo on their website, emails, etc.
  • Networking Opportunities- Meet recruiters in other regions at the NALSC® Conferences, Symposiums or online.
  • NALSC® Website- The name and profile of your Company via a searchable online member directory will be associated with an organization that is much larger than any single company and promotes visibility.
  • Advertising in American Lawyer Media (ALM) publications and online ads- NALSC® pays for and designs a major national advertising campaign each year including full page ads listing all NALSC® member firms and individuals.
  • Education- Through Annual Conferences and Symposiums you have the opportunity to learn about new developments in the field of Legal Recruiting and network with your peers.
  • Publications- A Newsletter is produced on a semi-annual basis and available to all members. NALSC Code of Ethics® brochures are also available to share with clients and candidates.
  • Ethics Committee- NALSC® has an Ethics Committee comprised of at least 3 Board Members who assist in the Code’s interpretation and enforcement.
  • ShareServ- ShareServ is a powerful tool available to NALSC® recruiters who can submit and/or receive member-wide postings from fellow NALSC® recruiters seeking assistance in filling specific positions or placing specific candidates. See the NALSC® website for more details.
  • Directories- The name and profile of your Company will be listed in both the NALSC® searchable online member directory as well as in the printed directory booklet. This booklet gets distributed memberwide as well as to legal professionals nationwide at functions such as the Annual NALP Conferences (National Association for Law Placement).

VP, Membership

Arthur Polott, Esq.

Gateway Legal Placements, LLC

1030 15th Street, N.W., Suite 1219

Washington, DC 20036


“For the past several years we’ve successfully partnered on searches with other NALSC member firms. In addition to adding to our business, we’ve made some great friends.”
“NALSC has provided me an invaluable resource for networking, education and professional camaraderie.”
“If I could attend only one conference each year, it would be this conference. I would not be the recruiter or business owner I am today without the lessons learned and friends made through NALSC.”
“Members of NALSC enjoy the luxury of having search firms across the country that we consider our partners. As we are all bound by and abide by the NALSC Code of Ethics, we know that trust and the capabilities of these partners are never in question.“