U-LPQ Frequently Asked Questions


What do you aim to accomplish with the U-LPQ?

  • Most everyone agrees that the U-LPQ concept is long overdue. That being said, we’re not advocating that law firms change the way they do business (although there are some firms modeling their LPQ and/or conflicts form from our version). We hope that search firms use the U-LPQ to lead their partner candidates through the form-filling stage and that law firms realize that they will, at the appropriate time, receive the benefit of a significant amount (approximately 80%) of a partner’s data to accelerate the hiring process and keep it moving forward. Again, we’re not looking to re-invent how law firms do their hiring; rather, we’re just trying to help streamline the process as it pertains to accumulating pertinent partner data points.

Who can access the U-LPQ and is there any obligation on the part of the law firm if they want to incorporate it into their hiring process?

  • The U-LPQ is designed for “open source” utilization meaning that we would like any search firm or law firm to take advantage of the work put into its creation, without obligation.

My law firm/search firm has specific questions that are not included in the U-LPQ. Are there limitations if we wish to create a supplement that covers our firm or practice-specific questions that we find essential to our hiring process?

  • The U-LPQ is not intended to answer every question that a potential lateral partner can address. We estimate that 80% of the required information is touched upon in its current format. We expect that almost every firm that utilizes the U-LPQ will have questions it will cover in its own supplement. There are no limitations on the creation of such supplemental questionnaires.

Could you tell me how many and which firms have adopted it?

  • We’re still in the early stages of rolling out the U-LPQ and we’re already at almost 10% of the AmLaw Top 200, but the goal here is simply to establish a willingness to accept the U-LPQ and conflicts form within the normal partner recruiting process. We’re compiling a list of “acceptor” firms that will be available prior to the fall symposium in October. It also can be found on the NALSC web site.

Are all NALSC search firm members signed up to use the U-LPQ?

  • Our intent is for all search firms (NALSC members and non-NALSC members) to embrace the U-LPQ concept and grow their businesses accordingly. We are experiencing tremendous growth in both our search firm and law firm memberships as a result of our efforts in promoting the U-LPQ.

How often are you making modifications to the forms and how often are you seeking input from firms that are signed on to use it?

  • We’ve formed an ad hoc U-LPQ Advisory committee made up of key search firm and law firm personnel who have provided input into suggested changes. As a result, we recently added additional columns to the conflicts form which anyone can access here: https://www.nalsc.org/u-lpq-forms/. This is an ongoing process and we are open to input from any law firm or search firm that wishes to use the U-LPQ.