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The 10 Relationship-Building Ideas During the Time of Social Distancing Stefanie Marrone Summer/Fall 2020
The 2015 Mantra For Smart Law Firms Young Mayden, LLC Spring 2015
2020 Vision for the Future of NALSC Patrick Moya Winter/Spring 2020
The 8 Types Of Legal Department Job Interviewers Valerie Fontaine Fall 2014
9 Things That Might Surprise You About Going In-House Susan Moon Fall 2014
A Tribute To Mary Africa Kenneth Young Spring 2015
ABA Formal Opinion 489: A Significant Shift in the Power Paradigm for Departing Lawyers Tina B. Solis, Esq. and Christina E. Kurow, Esq. Winter/Spring 2020
Advising Women Candidates Karen Kaplowitz Winter/Spring 2019
The Advisory Committee Report Winter/Spring 2021
Anatomy Of A Lateral Move Laurence Latourette Summer 2012
Are In-House Jobs More Stressful Than Firm Work? Marlisse Silver Sweeney Fall 2015
Are You Certified? Valerie Fontaine Winter/Spring 2020
Are You Prepared? Dealing with GDPR-like Rules Spreading Across the Nation Mark Sangster Winter/Spring 2019
Ask Your Candidates the Right Questions-On the First Call Scott Love Spring 2018
Attorneys and Mental Health Education– The Time Has Come! Joseph Ankus Fall 2018
The Benefits of Providing CLE Natalie Thorsen Harris Fall 2021
The Best Interview Question Yet- For the Candidate to Ask Valerie Fontaine Spring 2018
Best Practices: Shared-Fee Agreements Valerie Fontaine, Esq. and Arthur Polott, Esq. Winter/Spring 2020
Branding A Recruiting Firm Ross Fishman Fall 2015
Building Resilience Scott Love Summer/Fall 2020
Can NALSC Members Help Improve Race Relations in the Legal Profession? Mary Clare Garber Summer/Fall 2020
Career Navigation: Effective Tips On Strategic Connecting At Events Jodi Standke Fall 2016
Checklist: Coaching Your Partner Candidates Through the Resignation Pricess Karen Kaplowitz and Valerie Fontaine Summer/Fall 2019
Closing the Gender Pay Gap: Salary History-A New Recruiting Taboo Kate Visosky and Janine Fletcher Fall 2017
Compassionate COVID Communication Strategies for Recruiters Joseph E. Ankus Summer/Fall 2020
Connecting Is Essential When Joining A New Firm Warren Smith Spring 2014
Counseling Your Corporate Counsel Candidates Valerie Fontaine Fall 2015
Counteracting Counteroffers Valerie Fontaine Summer/Fall 2019
Eight Easy and Painless Tips for Great Networking Todd Cohen Fall 2018
Eliminating Unconscious Bias in Legal Starts with an In-house Job Description Dan Clark Summer/Fall 2020
Ethics Article – A Word to the Wise: Supervise Valerie Fontaine Spring 2017
The Executive Recruiter As A Trusted Advisor David Garber Fall 2016
Firm Leaders Predict Modest Growth In Second Half of 2016 Nell Gluckman Fall 2016
Fishing for Clients or Candidates? Here are the Magic Words to Reel Them In! Caryn Kopp Spring 2018
GCs Have Moved $4B Worth of Work In-house in 2016, Study Finds Kristen Rasmussen Spring 2017
Growth in Recruiting is the Opportunity of a Lifetime Scott Love Fall 2017
Hashtags 101: Everything You Need to Know About Using Hashtags on LinkedIn Stefanie Marrone Winter/Spring 2021
Headhunter Litigation Puts Spotlight on Secretive Industry Focused on Partner Moves Jack Newsham Winter/Spring 2020
Help Your Laterals Settle In for a Successful Placement Valerie Fontaine Spring 2017
Helpful Tips To Become a Key Strategic Advisor in the Search for Partner Talent Howard Flack Fall 2016
Helping Women Candidates Shape Their Resume for Maximum Impact Rachel J. Anderson Summer/Fall 2019
Herding Cats – Taking A Cue From Law Firms Edwin Reeser Fall 2015
High-Performing Partners Equally Plagued With Mental Health Struggles Dan Binstock Fall 2021
How to Get CLE Credit for NALSC Programs Natalie Thorsen Harris, Esq. Winter/Spring 2020
How To Resign Jorg Stegemann Summer 2012
How Will Generation X Lead Big Law? Lauren Still Rickleen Spring 2018
How Law Firms Can Prepare for FinTech Wave Keith Fall and Taylor Miller Fall 2018
In-House and Law Firm Interviews are Different Animals Patricia Paul, Esq. Winter/Spring 2020
Interviewing Tips For Employers Rick Carter / Submitted by Sanford Rose Legal Search Winter 2012
Is Your Firm Guilty of Playing Lateral Partner Bingo? Dan Binstock Fall 2017
It’s Not Just the Employer Who Can Be Sued: You Can Too! Mark J. Neuberger Summer/Fall 2019
Jungle Drums Will Meyerhofer Winter 2012
Lateral Growth Is The New Normal Kenneth Young Winter 2013
Lateral Candidates Must Explore How Target Firms Treat Clients Karen Kaplowitz Fall 2018
Law Firm Appeals Jury Verdict for Recruiter Kenneth Young Fall 2018
Leaving AmLaw Christopher S. Harrison Winter/Spring 2021
Legal Recruiter Fee Agreement Checklist Raphael Franze and Marina Sirras Summer/Fall 2020
Legal Recruiters Offer Advice To Year-End Laterals Nell Gluckman Spring 2016
Legal Recruiting From The Candidate’s POV Valerie Fontaine Fall 2021
Legal Recruiting: The Perils Of Doing It Yourself Jon Lewis Winter 2012
Leverage the Lawyer Personality to Maximize Success Valerie Fontaine Winter/Spring 2021
The LFQ: Lateral Firm Questionnaire, Or What Lateral Partner Candidates Need To Know Valerie Fontaine, Barbara Mayden Fall 2014
The LFQ: Lateral Firm Questionnaire, or What Lateral Partner Candidates Need to Know- Especially Now Valerie Fontaine and Barbara Mayden Summer/Fall 2020
Liabilities For Lateral Movers – When A Partner Moves On To A New Firm, What Can He Tell His Clients-and When? William Schuman Spring 2014
Litigation Update Kenneth Young Spring 2016
Lost In Transition: How To Recognize When Your Clients Need Legal Representation Tina Solis Spring 2016
Member Profile: Kathy Holt Richardson, Esq. Raphael Franze Fall 2021
Member Spotlight: Marina Sirras Raphael Franze Winter/Spring 2020
Member Spotlight: Natalie Thorsen Harris Raphael Franze Summer/Fall 2020
Moving Into Legal Temporary And Contract Placements Judy Collins Fall 2013
My Gambling Habit – A Confession Mitch Satalof Fall 2016
The NALSC Code of Ethics- Answers to 8 Frequently Asked Questions Dan Binstock Spring 2017
NALSC is All Grown Up…The Rollercoaster Ride To Get There! Flo Frey Fall 2016
NALSC Long Range Planning in the Time of COVID-19 Mitchell Satalof Winter/Spring 2021
NALSC Membership Growth Patrick Moya Winter/Spring 2021
NALSC / Sirras Family Scholarship Update Marina Sirras Winter/Spring 2019
NALSC Thanks You! NALSC Summer/Fall 2020
Navigating the Ethical Maze When Moving From Government to Private Practice Dan Binstock Summer/Fall 2019
Planning NALSC’s Future Nick Rumin Winter/Spring 2019
Planning NALSC’s Future Part 2 Nick Rumin Summer/Fall 2019
Practicing Law Remotely and Ethically Tina B Solis and Christina E. Kurow Winter/Spring 2021
President’s Letter Dan Binstock Winter/Spring 2021
The Problem With “Fit”: Legal Risks And Best Practices Mark Konkel Spring 2016
Recent Legal Cases Of Interest Lynsey Kmetz Fall 2016
Recent Litigation: In Law Firm Battles Over Placement Fees, 2 Courts Side With Recruiters; and NALSC Statement Regarding Recent Manatt $335,000 Fee Christine Simmons Winter/Spring 2019
Recruiter Sues Simpson Thacher for $937K+ Fee Kenneth Young Spring 2018
Recruiting for a Distributed Law Firm Julie Innmon Fall 2021
The Recruiter’s Bookshelf Raphael Franze and Joseph E. Ankus Summer/Fall 2021
The Recruiter’s Bookshelf: DIGITAL MINIMALISM: CHOOSING A FOCUSED LIFE IN A NOISY WORLD by Cal Newport Raphael Franze Fall 2021
The Recruiter’s Bookshelf: Financial Psychology for Recruiters: A Conversation with Dr. Brad Klontz, Psy.D Raphael Franze Summer/Fall 2020
The Recruiter’s Bookshelf: The One Thing- The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results Raphael Franze featuring guest author Scott Love Winter/Spring 2020
Recruiters In The Courts And The News Kenneth Young Spring 2014
References-The Secret Weapon to Career Success Jodi Standke Spring 2014
Search Firm Hit For Over $1.3 Million By Fired Attorney Kenneth Young Winter 2013
Secondments: Win/Win/Win & Win Valerie Fontaine, Barbara Mayden Spring 2016
The Secret Advantage that Most People Ignore Cara Hale Alter Winter/Spring 2021
So You Want To Go In-House Valerie Fontaine Fall 2013
Sponsor Spotlight: Carmen Kelley Raphael Franze Winter/Spring 2020
Sponsor Spotlight: Karen Kupetz, Esq. Raphael Franze Winter/Spring 2021
Stop Sending Blind Submission Spam! Elyce Stuart Abraham, Esq. Winter/Spring 2020
Surviving A Slowing Economy Jodi Standke Winter 2013
Ten Tips For Using Social Media For Legal Recruiting Guy Alvarez Spring 2016
There Is Hope For Your Legal Career Ari Kaplan Summer 2012
Timing Is Everything: The Law Firm Recruiting Calendar Valerie Fontaine Spring 2015
Two Legal Search Firms Batter Over Trademark Julie Triedman Spring 2015
We Want to Promote You! Avis Caravello Summer/Fall 2020
Well THAT Was a Surprise! Valerie Fontaine Fall 2021
What are you Broadcasting- Tapping into Brain Science to Maximize the Interview Process Judith Gordon Fall 2017
What Recruiters Need to Know About the California Consumer Protection Act of 2018 Tina B. Solis and Christina E. Kurow Summer/Fall 2020
Who You Gonna Call? Developing Relationships With Attorney Career Coaches Can Enhance Your Business Katherine White Fall 2018
Why is there a Gender Pay Gap in Law? Barbara Mayden/ Valerie Fontaine Spring 2018
Why Your Firm Needs a Recruiting Marketing Strategy Stefanie Marrone Fall 2021
The Why/When/What/How of Business Plans Barbara Mayden/ Valerie Fontaine Fall 2017
Will the Legal Industry Experience a K-Shaped Recovery Too? Marcie Borgal Shunk Winter/Spring 2021
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